visi containers

“to showcase the versatility of the container by designing two spaces that are vastly different in both form and function. the company therefore designed a residential home and a public space art gallery. one of the main differences between the two is the amount of floor space each one uses. two 12m-long containers were used for the family home in comparison to the 6 12m-long containers for the gallery.
when designing the residence, the main aim was to make maximum use of the limited space. much attention was paid to the finer details, which are more easily noticeable in a small space and can take the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior to a different level.
however, in the case of a larger public space, there is a greater emphasis on implementing larger features that make a bold statement. in the gallery, the laser-cut mild steel plate featuring the word “art” as a decorative element is a good example. when it comes to this type of creative space, it is also important to consider that the main decorative feature is the art. the design of the interior should therefore be a clean canvas. against which artworks can be displayed at their best. mild steel was the predominant material in both structures as a way to embrace the industrial, contemporary look of the containers”
visi supplement – container living, 2007

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