INK is a professional, award winning South African design company specialising in

  • Space planning and office interior design
  • Residential interior design
  • Leisure and commercial interior design
  • Procurement of furniture and accessories in fulfilling the corporate, residential, leisure government and retail design mandate
  • Architecture
  • High quality, INK designed and custom-made furniture for the office, residential, retail and leisure markets
  • Project management and turnkey solutions for interior projects

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Each client is unique, and our job is to offer meaningful, measured and inspired design solutions appropriate to the client’s needs, personality or brand.
We try to unlock the maximum possible efficiencies of a space. Regardless of the use of the space, the universal design consideration is that the space should positively affect and enhance the user’s requirements and enjoyment.

Why choose INK

INK is an award winning design consultancy with a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals. Our core competence is architecture, interior design and interior architecture, space planning, office furniture and fittings procurement solutions.

Design is ultimately about people. We offer client-inclusive design solutions to the built environment. Our key motivation is to add value to the client through

  • the identification and comprehensive assessment of the brief,
  • early detection of challenges and opportunities,
  • honest and creative solutions to challenges, thereby unlocking efficiencies and improving productivity,
  • sustainable, and pragmatic approach to design

We have advised a wide selection of private, corporate, leisure and government clientele, and have designed thousands of square meters of commercial, retail and residential space. We are team players and collaborate well with various disciplines required in the design process, from engineers and other technical specialists, artisans and artists, graphic designers, to advertising and marketing professionals.

INK is a registered member of the South African council for the architectural profession (SAIA), the Gauteng institute for architects (GIFA), and the South African Council for Architectural Profession (SACAP)

Architecture, which is rational, which is developed through context and climate, and the judicious use of technology, materials availability and suitability, gives buildings a sense of place, of belonging and familiarity.

Corporate interiors
We have extensive experience in delivering both refurbishment and new build office interiors.
We offer a complete interiors and office fit-out service, including all or any combination of the following:

  • Identifying the project objectives with the client
  • Clarifying and building the brief with the client, including timelines and budget
  • Spatial and workplace analyses
  • Space planning
  • Concept design
  • 3D Visuals
  • Detailed drawings
  • Furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E) selection and specification, including workstations, storage, pause area, reception, meeting room and boardroom furniture in keeping with the operations, brand, culture or identity of the corporate. Our extensive database of FF&E suppliers enables us to deliver design solutions appropriate to every budget and design specification.
  • Finishes, colour and material selection and specification
  • Onsite consultation and liaison with contractors and suppliers
  • Final quality control inspections/snagging and remedial action

In addition to key client considerations of time and cost parameters, and spatial and operational drivers, we pay equal attention to the aesthetic, creating attractive, functional and humane environments for people to work in.   Equally, our interiors incorporate brand identity and promote iconic company imagery in an exciting and fresh way.

Commercial/Retail Interiors
Key considerations in the design of commercial spaces are

  • Understanding the targeted client or consumer base
  • Understanding the brand position
  • Ensuring the fit between the brand and the design
  • Creating the desired and appropriate ambiance and mood through lighting, text, and colour palette
  • Using graphics, signage and colour to communicate or re-enforce the brand message.

We offer detailed presentations, including design layouts, power point presentations, lighting design, fabric schemes, and colour consultancy.

Residential Interiors
We believe in clean, simple yet luxurious interiors, tailored for the total usability and enjoyment of the people who will use the space. Our motivation is to realize as best as possible the client’s vision, not losing focus of the lifestyle and identity of the user

Furniture and product design
Inspired by nature, the furniture we design is either evidently functional, or beautiful of itself. We often collaborate with local artisans, to achieve unique and inspired pieces.

INK is 51% owned and managed by Lisebo Mokhesi, a black South African female.
In addition, over 50% of our procurement is derived from female or black owned enterprises, manufacturers and suppliers.