the brief
to plan, design and build on a turnkey basis, and procure furniture and fittings for the new offices of a young company in the financial services sector, convergence partners, illovo boulevard. the idea for the premises was to create a modern, sophisticated interior, which conveyed the dynamism and forward looking approach of the firm in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment.

the result
the corporate identity was that of a modern, technology driven environment of equals. this had to be conveyed very clearly. the office thus had to reflect these qualities, from the open plan, to the use of technology, and the choice of furniture and individual space allocation on a non-hierarchical basis.
the company took occupation of the premises during project implementation. the project plan thus had to ensure a carefully phased and disruption-free build period
“the project involved a complete overhaul of the entire interior of the space that we occupy, including construction elements, as well as all of the furniture and fittings for the offices.  their brief was merely a conceptual outline from us as the client. we were delighted with the finished product and would have no hesitation recommending them”
brandon doyle, ce
convergence partners
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